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My research into 'hedge porn' shows it was the lending library of the sexually curious

quote [ I won’t beat about the bush: did you ever find porn in a hedge when you were younger? ]

like a box of porn in the woods i found you
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Headlessfriar said @ 12:10am GMT on 6th Mar [Score:3 Original]
I was staying in a hostel in DC for a school trip, we lifted the ceiling panels and found pulp magazines full of porn short stories. At the end of the trip, I hid my magazine under the bus seat of the guy who bullied me in school, which worked out exactly the way I hoped it would.
Jack Blue said @ 8:30am GMT on 5th Mar [Score:1 Underrated]
It was? Because I stole that shit and hid it better for my own use. I guess I never got the memo. I am far below net zero hedge porn.
EvilNinjaX24 said @ 9:54am GMT on 5th Mar [Score:1 Underrated]
In the early 80s, there was an alley a stone-throw's away from my house. The alley was actually an old railway path, and had hedges in certain parts of it. Sure enough, there was porn in those hedges. We looked at them (kinda difficult at times, due to rain damage), passed them around, and put them back where we found them. (We were all too young for anything more than looking at the tits and whatnot.) I didn't realize until decades later that this wasn't an uncommon occurrence, which amazed me at the time. I salute those people out there that started and continued that tradition. Right of passage and all that.
cb361 said[2] @ 8:58pm GMT on 5th Mar [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
How coarse.

I found a copy of the classic Victorian erotica A Man and a Maid. That’s far more refined

Delightedly, Connie and Fanny complied. One by one, they seated themselves in an easy-chair, while the other two pulled up the clothes and I, kneeling between their legs, sucked a tender farewell to each cunt through the opening of their dainty frilly drawers; then I lay down on my back on the couch. With a trembling hand, Connie excitedly opened my fly and gently pulled out my prick, kissed and sucked it lovingly. Fanny followed suit, her tongue provoking it into life again. Then Alice took charge and sucked and tongued me till she forced my seminal reserves to yield all they held, receiving in her sweet mouth my love-juice as I spent in quivering rapture.
moriati said @ 2:30pm GMT on 5th Mar
I once found 3 copies of Janus magazine (dedicated to spanking) tightly rolled in a black plastic bag just off a layby. These were prime locations for finding porn mags back in the day. Quite an eye opener.
noun: layby
an area at the side of a road where vehicles may pull off the road and stop.
steele said @ 8:07pm GMT on 5th Mar
I found porn in the remnants of an old bomb shelter in the woods when I was a kid. Lots of old beer cans too.
gendo666 said @ 12:03am GMT on 6th Mar
I have been waiting for even a casually academic thing to be written about just this.
As both a younger and older teen there were a couple of small landmarks near dry culverts near my parents house in the country where this form of "geocaching" "pornocaching?" took place as well as the unattended barn on the farm next to ours (we rented the land).
The barn's porn was less cared for (and in one case someone did some target practice on a centerfold) but it was well appreciated.

As I grew older conversations with new friends made it clear this was not just a local phenomena.
I sadly suspect with print media on the decline these small "gardens of earthly delights" are also less and less.

rylex said @ 2:36am GMT on 6th Mar
some friends and I found a bunch of gay and straight porn mags in a creek during the summer of 7th grade. they were strewn about and some had seen some use. one of my friends in particular took some of the centerfolds from the gay mags, but we all mostly left them alone. we played in that creek a bunch over the years and never before or again saw another porno mag in it
pisswiss101 said @ 12:07am GMT on 8th Mar
Ahh yes. Good ol' hedge pron.

In my area we had a small forest with a trail that led to giant hill (which was a pretty awesome/dangerous sledding spot). On top of that hill was a small copse of trees. It was that spot that held the community hedge porn. There was a clubhouse of sorts there where the local trouble makers would smoke stolen Misty's (super thin menthol cigs) and scope out the the hedge porn. Good times!

Gosh the moms in our neighborhood smoked the worst cigarettes. Lol!
eggboy said @ 6:27am GMT on 10th Mar
Celery Generals

As a teenager I found porn magazines in so many places. There was a bridge we would canoe under and check out. Highway rest stops always had stuff stashed around somewhere as well.

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