Monday, 8 August 2022

Klondike Is 'Working on a Plan' to Bring Back the Choco Taco But It Will 'Take Some Time'

quote [ "The overwhelming support for Choco Taco has certainly made us reconsider our long-term plans," Klondike said in a statement to PEOPLE ]

LMFAO! I guess complaining and threatening executives lives really does work after all
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[by rylex@10:45pmGMT]


arrowhen said @ 1:20am GMT on 9th Aug [Score:2 Underrated]
The whole thing was probably just a plot to bust up the Choco Taco union.
Dienes said @ 11:50am GMT on 9th Aug [Score:2]
I think I sold all of 5 choco tacos in as many years at a very popular/busy Taco Bell. I always wonder how much of the pushback/outrage is actually missing the product, and how much is just "this is a thing I am familiar with and I am uncomfortable with change."
rylex said @ 3:58pm GMT on 9th Aug
in my case, outrage from loss of product.

I love choco tacos. Have been eating them since I was 7. i distinctly remember taco bell selling them in the late 80s/early 90s
mechavolt said @ 2:28am GMT on 9th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
You can't fool me with your marketing stunt, Big Choco Taco. This was all to maintain your stranglehold on the Choco Taco monopoly.
rylex said @ 3:59pm GMT on 9th Aug
Big Ice Cream decided it was time to enter Big Industry
steele said @ 4:55pm GMT on 9th Aug [Score:1 Informative]
LMFAO! I guess complaining and threatening executives lives really does work after all

That's what I've been saying! ;)
maximumtodd said @ 11:06pm GMT on 9th Aug [Score:1 WTF]
Switched to Drumsticks and moved on.
gendo666 said @ 9:39pm GMT on 10th Aug [Score:1 Insightful]
False scarcity marketing.
I suspect they were prepared to cancel / remove it from production
- unless it could prove itself a moneymaker or had visible public demand.
all in all a corporate marketing scam.
rylex said @ 4:51am GMT on 11th Aug [Score:1 Funny]
no no, you don't know what you speak of. It was obvs the threats some anonymous individuals made against the executives lives.
gendo666 said @ 8:50am GMT on 11th Aug [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]

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