Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Russia Backs Europe’s Far Right

quote [ “Perfect! Grazie Alexey! Send us amendments to the text, so we can make the ‘good fight,’” he answered. ]

Joint effort of several European outlets. Nothing surpising on those parties, mind.
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steele said[1] @ 4:48pm GMT on 9th Aug
See, the US and Russia have plenty in common.

Also, this article is from 5 months ago.
steele said @ 5:20pm GMT on 9th Aug
steele said @ 6:13pm GMT on 9th Aug
West prepares to plunder post-war Ukraine with neoliberal shock therapy: privatization, deregulation, slashing worker protections - Multipolarista

Western governments held a Ukraine Recovery Conference in Switzerland to impose neoliberal economic policies, privatization, deregulation

steele said @ 7:11pm GMT on 9th Aug
Just going through my links.
Corruption concerns involving Ukraine are revived as the war with Russia drags on

Since the start of the war with Russia, the Biden administration has mostly ignored Ukraine's corruption history. Questions resurfaced about its suitability as a recipient of massive infusions of aid.

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