Thursday, 19 January 2023

6 festival-goers sliced to death by ‘glass-encrusted’ kite strings

quote [ SIX people were horrifically sliced to death by glass-encrusted kite strings after a blood-drenched festival in India. Three children, including a baby, are among the dead after the day of celebration in Gujarat turned sinister on Saturday. ]

Holy wtf?!! 11 people died?!

"11 people died during the festival after either plunging from buildings or being sliced by the strings."

Never thought I would being reading news about the kite festival massacre that didn't involve guns
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[by rylex@8:21pmGMT]


Bob Denver said @ 10:59pm GMT on 19th Jan [Score:2 Interesting]
When I was a boy (in India), I used to fly kites like these. The thread was called "manja"— cotton thread impregnated with wallpaper paste or starch glue and rolled in ground glass. My best friend's older brother was incredibly skilled. He would have his kite swoop down, cut my line close to my hand and then tangle up his and my string (not a euphemism) and pull both kites down. I was on the roof of my house and he was down on the road!
rylex said @ 11:18pm GMT on 19th Jan [Score:1 Good]
that's a pretty awesome story.

gotta admit, i was half expecting to hear a story about the time you lost a finger while kiting.
Bob Denver said @ 5:49am GMT on 20th Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
Oh, we would get injuries — that glass powder was sharp. But only cuts that took forever to heal and sometimes got infected. They would put tinctures of mercurochrome, potassium permanganate and some sulphurous yellow stuff. We wore those colours like badges of pride! But…the kite festivals were far smaller in the early 60’s. And we didn’t have nylon or polyester kite strings.
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:09pm GMT on 20th Jan [Score:2]
How many people were killed last year? And the year before?
Hugh E. said @ 12:12am GMT on 20th Jan [Score:1 Informative]
Yes, it's The Sun, but The Guardian and People also report.
rylex said @ 12:19am GMT on 20th Jan
the sun has more sensationalism in their content though
biblebeltdrunk said @ 4:17am GMT on 20th Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
i heard about these competitions and was wondering how many deaths they cause.
Bob Denver said @ 5:51am GMT on 20th Jan
Did you see the film—The Kite Runner? Powerful.
biblebeltdrunk said[1] @ 9:57pm GMT on 20th Jan
Actually It just came up when a podcaster I follow tried to get in to kitting. Apparently it's a thing in Canada as well in a variant, you add blades to the tip rather than the string.

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