Sunday, 26 March 2023

Red Dwarf star Craig Charles rushed to hospital

quote [ "They still don't know what's wrong with me, but at least I'm not dying yet." ]

With an elderly family member going to hospital for their 4th visit to the hospital in 2 months, Without any definitive answer so far. Makes one appreciate how health is so fragile.

I tip my hat to you even further steele for your post in the past about looking after your relatives.
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[by R1Xhard@7:41amGMT]


moriati said @ 7:51am GMT on 26th Mar
About 6 months ago I spent a night in A&E / Urgent Care because of sudden chest & shoulder pain and shortness of breath (it turned out to be a torn muscle, not heart-related). Scary stuff. Couldn't help but imagine hearing a voice behind me saying, 'THERE"S JUST ME'.

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