Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The shameful legacy of the last Bundy vs. government standoff

quote [ Gold Butte, roughly the size of Los Angeles County, is basically lawless right now. Trash is dumped here and there. Some of the BLM's route markers are torn down. Illegal off-road tracks from ATVs lead into the desert. Some pioneer gravesites were even dug up, bones scattered everywhere. ]

This is what happens when public lands are basically relinquished to outlaws. This is why those fuckers in Oregon must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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cb361 said[1] @ 11:28pm GMT on 27th Jan
It's odd that in this modern age, so many actors on the world stage seem to be motivated not by cold logic or even self interest, but by conceited superstition or ideology. Whether it's ISIS or Bundy or that anti-gay cake shop, or whoever. Sort of the opposite of the 'perfect knowledge' that libertarianism presupposes. Resources of time, manpower and money that you would expect to be spent wisely are squandered selfishly.

Or perhaps that's just how it seems from media coverage. Maybe there are statistics somewhere that show that mankind is actually more logical than ever before. I don't know.
sanepride said[1] @ 12:46am GMT on 28th Jan
I think what you're getting here is the perception of ascendant craziness because of the ever-increasing amplification of the media, plus the internet echo-chamber. A lot of these folks want the extra attention, and lucky for them they live in a world where it's easier than ever to get it.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 3:02am GMT on 28th Jan
Libertarians claiming "objectivity" is no less an exercise in self (or follower) delusion than a bottled water company calling for the ban of kitchen taps. I'm sure having no taxes for the rich and unfettered use of resources is objectively a perfect solution, if you're already rich and don't live where resources will be extracted/exploited.
2345 said @ 8:40pm GMT on 28th Jan

This is what happens when public lands are basically relinquished to outlaws.

mechanical contrivance said @ 9:22pm GMT on 28th Jan
People become homeless?
sanepride said @ 9:59pm GMT on 28th Jan
Sorry, I'm not seeing your point here. Looks like young people sleeping peacefully- 'Occupy' protesters I assume. I don't see public lands being trashed, ancient artifacts being vandalized, or government vehicles being fired at by armed terrorists.

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