Monday, 10 March 2014

Newly Endowed Facial

quote [ This is Rojo^'s Sensible Facial script with minimal changes to make it work with Uploaded here to make it easy for SE users to acquire and install without editing files. ]

So far there's only two lines changed in the file. I'm considering refactoring the whole thing and possibly splitting it up into multiple small scripts. I've got a bunch of other projects going on, so it will take a while for any progress to happen unless people harass me about it. If you want new features, if you find something broken, or if you just want to talk about it, feel free to PM me.

I was going to post a GIS on "Sensible Facial", but you can't turn Safe-Search off unless you log in. Ha! The results are pretty boring with it on.

Here's a neat thing:
[SFW] [Meta SE] [+10 Good]
[by fishhat@3:48amGMT]


steele said @ 4:26am GMT on 10th Mar [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
Just don't get mad at me when that script keeps breaking because I'm trying to upgrade the place :P
fishhat said @ 4:41am GMT on 10th Mar
That's entirely expected, and actually hoped-for. The original site layout is very messy, and it makes for unnecessary complexity in client-side scripts. I'm expecting to put in some effort over time to maintain the thing, but it will probably take a few days for me to catch up each time you change something in the HTML (unless you PM me about it a few days in advance, which I actually don't recommend- and even if you did, I can't guarantee I'd be able to keep up.)

So, script users might get mad, but they can be mad at me instead of you. Or they can help maintain the bloody thing.
cb361 said @ 4:27pm GMT on 10th Mar [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]
Sounds like we need to have a new query string for the URL, which causes SE to output a very basic version of the regular page, but one that contains all the relevant information. That would surely make it easier to implement client-side Total Conversions. Assuming that that's the direction we want to go in...
steele said @ 5:49pm GMT on 10th Mar
When we get towards html5 land that will be a possibility That's a bit of a ways off though.
midden said @ 4:23am GMT on 10th Mar
+1 awesome eponymous Thumb pic.
fishhat said @ 4:41am GMT on 10th Mar
Thanks! It was a lucky find :^)
snagUber said @ 5:23am GMT on 10th Mar
+1 it works
snagUber said @ 5:29am GMT on 10th Mar
moar fishhat :
pleaides said @ 7:12am GMT on 10th Mar
Oh man, I'm so glad it's back :) Thanks heaps!
Bleb said @ 5:09pm GMT on 10th Mar
seneschal said @ 5:59pm GMT on 10th Mar
Oh this makes things so much easier. Thank you!
artietude said @ 7:06pm GMT on 10th Mar
How did I not have this running before? This is NICE!
ithaqua10 said @ 2:54pm GMT on 11th Mar
but did you adopt princess ponies as your theme?
Bruceski said @ 9:07pm GMT on 10th Mar
Thanks for doing this. I thought my own edit was just a find/replace on Endowment for Erection, but user names weren't showing up on posts so I screwed something up.
fishhat said @ 1:46am GMT on 11th Mar
I also made a tiny change to line 1548 that made the usernames show up again. You can see it at the main link if you're curious.

So far I've only done tiny changes. I'm going to set up a git repository for the thing before I get too crazy with it.
snagUber said @ 4:19pm GMT on 14th Mar
found a bug : embedded vids do not show when clicked. stays on "retrieving trollery... please wait"
lalanda said @ 12:02am GMT on 11th Mar
What is this "firefox" thing? Is it something to do with computers?
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:12am GMT on 11th Mar
I think it's a movie about fighter jets. Or maybe high school lesbians.
arrowhen said @ 1:21am GMT on 11th Mar
Why can't it be both!?
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:00am GMT on 11th Mar
I'd watch it.
seneschal said @ 3:50am GMT on 11th Mar
high school lesbian fighter-pilots? Yeah. Let's get the story treatment going. I think the leather goddesses of Phobos are invading, and only the teen lesbian strike force can protect the earth.
HoZay said @ 7:49am GMT on 11th Mar
By putting on a show!
arrowhen said @ 12:57pm GMT on 11th Mar
After a training montage.
Mythtyn said @ 12:42am GMT on 11th Mar
Ahh...that's much better. Thank you!!
steele said @ 2:41am GMT on 11th Mar
I have a hunch that Kaspersky is false positive-ing this website because this post says "script" so many times. Quality anti-virus right there :P
seneschal said @ 3:51am GMT on 11th Mar [Score:1 Funny]
I'd hate to be a screenwriters forum.
fishhat said @ 8:23am GMT on 11th Mar
From now on I shall refer to it as 'client-side splooge'.

I'm sure that will help.
AssBastard said @ 7:51am GMT on 11th Mar
I'm noticing that it doesn't show the comment score for comments posted by donating members that have the [g] or [p] or [s] next to their name...
AssBastard said @ 7:51am GMT on 11th Mar
Or the [c] for Steele.
fishhat said @ 8:25am GMT on 11th Mar
As a matter of fact it doesn't seem to show comment scores at all. OK, another thing for the list.
narrenschiff said @ 2:23pm GMT on 11th Mar
guys... what's happening guys
snagUber said @ 4:31pm GMT on 11th Mar
new playground ! now with more fun !
cb361 said @ 11:12pm GMT on 11th Mar
HoZay said @ 12:23am GMT on 12th Mar
electric guppy said @ 4:51am GMT on 12th Mar
I noticed the logo and was overcome with a wave of nostalgia.

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