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Trump privately criticizes Republican health care plan he celebrated

quote [ By multiple accounts, the Republican president denounced the House Republicans’ proposal in no uncertain terms. A CNN report, for example, quoted a source saying the bill was “cold-hearted.” BuzzFeed’s article said Trump used the phrase “son of a bitch” to describe the pending legislation.

Before the meeting with Senate Republicans began in earnest, the president told his guests that the Senate version will be “generous, kind, with heart.” Left unsaid was Trump’s apparent belief that the House version, which he touted vigorously, wasn’t generous or kind, and obviously lacked heart. ]

In extended - House GOP Shocked to Learn That Infamous Con Artist Can’t Be Trusted

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bbqkink said @ 8:38pm GMT on 18th Jun [Score:1 Funny]
His lawyer isn't the sharpest tool in the box either...

“He’s being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination,” Sekulow said. “So that’s the constitutional threshold question here.”

When Wallace noted that he had said the president is being investigated by the Justice Department, Sekulow quickly backtracked.

“He’s not being investigated!” he exclaimed. “Let me be crystal clear so you completely understand. We have not received nor are we aware of any investigation into the president of the United States.

“You just said it two times he’s being investigated,” Wallace responded.

Trump Lawyer Sows Confusion About Whether The President Is Under Investigation
Jay Sekulow seems to stray from his “not under investigation” script on Fox News.

sanepride said @ 8:09pm GMT on 18th Jun
Must be nice to just live in the moment. No pesky soul-searching, unencumbered by nagging lessons from the past, no worries about future consequences.
HoZay said @ 8:36pm GMT on 18th Jun [Score:1 Insightful]
ComposerNate said @ 8:45pm GMT on 18th Jun
President or prison, the difference is lawyers.
sanepride said @ 8:48pm GMT on 18th Jun
Well really the difference is money and privilege.
ComposerNate said @ 8:52pm GMT on 18th Jun
All the money, skimp on lawyers, end up in prison.
Warren Zevon said @ 4:57am GMT on 19th Jun
And guns. Don't forget the guns.
C18H27NO3 said[1] @ 8:45pm GMT on 18th Jun
This whole thing is a show. I'm guessing a show that will culminate in dumpster being made out to be compassionate and has "heart." He will buck republicans and veto the bill.

It's all horseshit. Its a fucking reality tv show.
sanepride said @ 8:52pm GMT on 18th Jun
No chance. If the Senate manages to pass a bill he'll praise it and sign it with his own jizz, just to finally claim a big legislative victory. It won't even matter what's in the bill, how many people it leaves with no health care or how much it further cuts taxes for the rich.
C18H27NO3 said @ 9:06pm GMT on 18th Jun
We'll see. I have my doubts. If senate republicans show him the bill privately, he'll tweet that it's not compassionate. Then they will go back and re-write.

This isn't going to go through the normal legislative process. Republicans will hide, and dumpster will make a dog and pony show like a reality tv show.

That's my guess.

That's not to say there won't be more tax cut for the rich. They will hide it and obfuscate, but publicly dumpster will use this to his advantage. By any means necessary, even if it means throwing congress under the bus.
sanepride said @ 9:13pm GMT on 18th Jun
You seem to think Trump actually cares what's in the bill. He doesn't, and Senate Republicans know it. All he wants is that legislative win, as much as chocolate cake with two scoops of ice cream.
C18H27NO3 said[1] @ 9:19pm GMT on 18th Jun
No. WTF gave you that impression? I think all he cares about is looking good for his constituency and the media. Removing 24 million from health insurance is not good optics. If he comes across as compassionate, then he wins. Both he and the GOP aren't stupid. Removing his base from insurance is a death blow.

The only way he signs the bill if there is some kind of spin they can conjure in public perception that makes it seem like he's looking out for the opioid addicted coal miner.
sanepride said @ 11:14pm GMT on 18th Jun
Either way, you're still crediting him with too much depth of thought. All he wants is the legislative win. You can bet the farm he'd sign the GOP bill regardless of what's in it, and then try to spin it every which way to the opioid addicted coal miners, and a lot of them would probably buy it. The notion that he'd veto it over optics and the appearance of compassion is nuanced beyond his well-established capabilities.
bbqkink said @ 10:04pm GMT on 18th Jun
Don't you remember the big celebration after the house bill?

"President Trump promised that premiums and deductibles will be coming down under the GOP plan and said that he feels "confident" the measure will make it through the Senate. "It's going to be an unbelievable victory when we get it through the Senate," he added. And Trump praised House Speaker Paul Ryan as "a genius," for engineering Thursday's legislative win."

Trump 'Confident' About GOP Health Care Bill's Prospects In The Senate
ComposerNate said @ 8:55pm GMT on 18th Jun
Breitbart today says Loretta Lynch may be questioned about the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton, Democrats have no one recognizable to run for president against Trump in 2020, and Comey may be under FBI investigation.
bbqkink said @ 9:35pm GMT on 18th Jun
"Democrats have no one recognizable"
I'm afraid to ask who you think that might be. There are a lot of names in the mix for 2020 by the way...more than those listed here. There is not a Senator who doesn't think they would make a good president and running against a guy under threat of impeachment will bring them all out.
HoZay said @ 4:27am GMT on 19th Jun
Somebody on the D side needs to step forward and start proposing policy and campaigning actvely.
Somebody who's a Democrat.
bbqkink said @ 4:52am GMT on 19th Jun
Let the church say amen. Maybe Ossoff can show em the way. His campaine has been almost exclusively about healthcare...and it seems to be working.
eggboy said @ 7:10am GMT on 19th Jun
Really? You guys just had a fucking campaign, the election is not for years. Aren't you sick of the election bullshit for now?
HoZay said @ 7:34am GMT on 19th Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
I'm sick of reacting to the right. I want one or more non-geriatric dems to start advocating for the future, and make the GOP have to defend their anti-worker policies.
ComposerNate said @ 6:57am GMT on 19th Jun
Breitbart acknowledges Warren, Sanders, and Biden deeper in article, says the rest of field polls over 50% unknown.

If you do not know what Breitbart is, please ignore all comments regarding Breitbart, enjoy your life better lived.
bbqkink said @ 6:23pm GMT on 19th Jun [Score:1 Good]
Stopped listening as soon as I heard Breitbart.
bbqkink said @ 9:44pm GMT on 18th Jun
Fish said @ 3:23am GMT on 19th Jun [Score:-2]
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