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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Problem: I can't make the >_< emoticon
Description: A >_< emoticon results in >_ and then the server shitting itself because it believes I have opened a tag. Is there any way to make an exception in the code that recognizes this ">_<" as a unique string prior to recognizing <> as tag markers?

Or could we maybe have emojis? I would pay money to upload my own custom eidolon emoji set. I mean, sure, users know I'm supposed to be dead, but do they truly understand I'm haunting them from beyond the grave? It's so hard for the formerly living to express ourselves.

[Problem Category: Comments] [by eidolon @2:55pm] [Closed]

steele said @3:08pm on 18th Jan
You can use the standard utf-8 emoji set on SE. that's a thing now. It all depends on whether you have the font installed on your system windows8 and up has it I believe and most phones should have it. v2 will probably have an emoji keyboard available.

You can also do: &gt;_&lt; = >_< but I'm not going to make exceptions in the html filter for that. It just opens up a bag of worms security wise.

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