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quote [ Not to be confused with Curacoa, Curassow, Carriacou, or Curuçá River (Javari River).
This article is about the island country. For the former colony/territory comprising Curaçao and five other islands, see Curaçao and Dependencies. For the liqueur, see Curaçao (liqueur). ]

So I guess the thumbnail is deceptive. Welcome to the internet.

Me and MrsWei are planning a trip to the sunny island of Curaçao and have never been there before. I observe that the SE community is pretty eclectic and I am wondering if anyone has any experiences that they could share for my pre-trip edification. Any Can't-Misses or Must-Avoids?

A big one is, is there a place to get pot without getting arrested or stabbed? Found a service that delivered to the hotel in Aruba. That was not so bad.

Any input would be more than i got now and greatly appreciated.
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Jack Blue said @ 5:49am GMT on 20th Sep
Great place to harass spain from. Crew could become a problem, but chainshot and copper plates could help holding losses to a minimum.
WeiYang said @ 10:11am GMT on 20th Sep
Jack Blue said @ 1:00pm GMT on 20th Sep
I have considered it for my honeymoon. Tell me what you think of it later, ok?
WeiYang said @ 10:31pm GMT on 21st Sep
I may pussy out and do Aruba again(Manchebo hotel and "TomFordAruba" on Kik for pot delivery last i knew), but if we go i will sure let you know. It'd be May'ish.

Manchebo is a nice place(in Aruba) because it's a "low rise" and it's right on a really nice beach. Last time i went out on the beach at night and got high while listening to Lovecraftian something, Dagon maybe. It was creeptastically delicious.

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