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Friday, 19 July 2019

New Approach Could Sink Floating Point Computation

quote [ That’s resulted in some pretty sharp criticism over the years from computer scientists who are acquainted with these problems, but none more so than John Gustafson, who has been on a one-man crusade to replace floating point with something better. ]

Room for improvement! On chip level, no less.
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The Way the Census Counts Prison Populations Seriously Distorts Redistricting

quote [ Less noticed [...] was a galvanic blow delivered to democracy by the Census Bureau just last year—when the bureau declined to change long-standing policy and count incarcerated persons where they previously lived, rather than in the place of their imprisonment. Because prisons tend to be located in white, rural districts, counting prison populations by prison location artificially inflates these districts’ political power and diminishes political representation for urban and suburban areas. ]

This isn't insignificant when you consider how much of our population is incarcerated. I am also in favor of letting the incarcerated vote.
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The Timeline of Jell-O Flavors From 1897 to 1997

quote [ This post has actually been a long time in the making. Ever since I started Mid-Century Menu, I have wanted to have a Jell-O flavor timeline on the blog, but I could never nail down the dates well enough to feel comfortable with my information. ]

Jello, jello, jello, jello, jello
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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Roentgenizdat: The Strange Story of Soviet Music on the Bone

quote [ In the USSR during the cold war era, the music people could listen to was ruthlessly controlled by the State. But a secret underground subculture of music lovers and bootleggers defied the censor. Incredibly, they built their own recording machines and used an extraordinary means of copying forbidden jazz, rock 'n' roll and banned Russian music to risk making their own records. ]

Bootleggers secretly cut forbidden music onto discarded x-rays.

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Buried Treasure - Of a Sort

quote [ what’s the strangest (or most terrifying) thing you’ve come across in cleaning out an unused chemical space? ]

Woo, sorry for the fast posting, but these comments open up a nice anecdote collection.

(animated thumb source)
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The Philosophy of Low-Tech: A Conversation with Kris De Decker

quote [ Aaron Vansintjan interviews Kris De Decker about his philosophy of low tech, his solar powered website and the importance of looking into history ]

The site has been posted before – the creator talks about some concepts that make up the articles on it. Includes a nice example of page loading speed, too.
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Fired Over Too Much Tupac? A Rap-Loving Bureaucrat From Iowa Says He Hopes Not

quote [ Keep ya head up, Jerry Foxhoven. ]

I love Tupac's new record
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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Too Many Tote Bags? Stuff You Can Do With Them!

quote [ Tote bags, like Sephora samples, are irresistible and insidious in equal measure. They are quite useful! They hold such promise for an imagined future! So many of them are free! And almost all of them are impossibly filthy.

There is a reasonable limit to how many tote bags you need in your life, and it’s quite likely that if you’re reading this article, you have a tote bag problem. Does the term “bag of bags” mean anything to you? If you answered yes, please know that you are among friends, and that help is here. ]

Because NYT, full article in extended. I personally thing the best answer is just textile recycling. Using them as gift bags, unless they're high quality, is just pushing the problem onto someone else.

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Why does rain smell so good?

quote [ "It's a really potent material and it smells just like the concrete when the rain hits it," said perfumer Marina Barcenilla. "There's something very primitive and very primal about the smell." ]

Chemistry for the common scents.

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Goodwill pulls paychecks from disabled workers

quote [ An iconic nonprofit thrift store is crying poor in the face of looming payroll increases, and it is announcing plans to layoff disabled employees in order to take on the extra cost. ]

They cheaper then Goodwill
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