Monday, 20 June 2022

Ciri - Game Lady 168cm A - Wunderpuppen

quote [ Jetzt wird Gaming real! Game Lady ist ein neuer Hersteller von Liebespuppen, welcher sich grundsätzlich an Ingame-Charakteren orientiert und von bekannten Spielen inspiriert wird. Mit Puppen von Game Lady kannst du deine Gaming-Fantasie verwirklichen. ]

Only 2.699,95 €
inkl. 19 % MwSt. inkl. Versandkosten

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R1Xhard said @ 12:51am GMT on 21st Jun
This is a little close to home.

I recently reacquainted with a lady friend who recent got into wigs.

Screws with head abit when you have a blonde, brunette, platinum, purpled haired partner in one session.

On a side note it's a little ironic when you lose each other in the shops and it's not how was she dressed today, it's shit what colour hair did she have on today! When your trying to find her.
gendo666 said @ 5:30am GMT on 21st Jun
I wasn't expecting that.
I will say this. A lot of the figure looks realistic and seems to even mimic the veins under the skin but the body lacks subtle imperfections and so it looks kind of creepy (not to mention the whole "it's an incarnated video game character you have sex with")
It reminded me of some of the figures Del Toro had in his art show that were "realistic but..." with that ole uncanny valley.
slaytanik said @ 8:59am GMT on 21st Jun
She's around 13 in the books, if I remember correctly
sooo......... big yikes
R1Xhard said @ 9:11am GMT on 21st Jun
I thought if was Calese the dragon queen from Game of Thrones my bad.I
slaytanik said @ 10:30am GMT on 21st Jun
She's also a teenager (14 maybe) when she is married off to Kal Drogo

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