Thursday, 18 August 2022

'Mind boggling': Number of women being sentenced to prison in Queensland quadruples in 15 years

quote [ A report shows jail sentences are much more likely for women in remote areas and the number of women in prison is rising sharply. Meanwhile, a bill to raise the age of criminality has been rejected.

"So what you're saying is a child, an Aboriginal girl that's 14 years and one week old, can actually be put in a cage. I do not agree with that — no child should be caged ever." ]

Not mansplaining/womansplaing/personsplaining just a sad statistic.

The legal system is a weird beast in this country last month I lost my licence for dangerous driving for 6 months. Yet this month I got sequestered on Jury Duty.

On a trollish note: Is it an ol'boys retaliation against the MeToo wave in a corrupted system or did Orange is the New Black get abit to much of a fan club?
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[by R1Xhard@11:51amGMT]

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