Wednesday, 16 November 2022

This map reveals who owns every property in the Bay Area

quote [ To our knowledge, there has never been a centralized database where someone could see who owns any property in the nine-county Bay Area region, making it difficult to investigate connections between the powerful forces that shape the housing market for all. So The Chronicle built one.

Type in your full address, or any Bay Area address, to see who officially owns nearly any building. The map contains data on almost 2.3 million properties registered across the Bay Area’s nine counties, which The Chronicle obtained in summer 2021. ]

We really need a consolidated database like this instead of a county by county property tax website system.
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rylex said @ 9:42am GMT on 17th Nov [Score:1 Funsightful]
LOL. this is gonna make smiting my enemies in minecraft muuuuuch easier
Mikhail_16 said @ 7:58am GMT on 17th Nov
You can look up ownership info by punching in property address into the county tax payer website. That displays the bill with the mailing address of the owner. You can also trivially look up how much anyone is paying in taxes for any given property the same way.

San Francisco city/county for example:
steele said @ 1:55pm GMT on 17th Nov
There are over 3000 counties in the US.
ubie said @ 1:36pm GMT on 19th Nov
Every address that I lived at in the Bay Area does not show up, always with something nearby, but never the exact address. This was in SF proper, San Mateo and Hayward.

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