Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Judge rules list of Jeffrey Epstein's associates named in lawsuit must be unsealed

quote [ A U.S. federal judge ruled on Monday that a list of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims and associates —some of whom have been accused of being involved in the disgraced financier's exploitation and abuse of underage girls— must be unsealed and made public. ]

Not sure how I feel about this yet. Little weird they're also going to name victims
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[by rylex@11:57pmGMT]


gendo666 said @ 3:24am GMT on 22nd Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
I don't think the victims should be named but wait for the list of kiddy diddlers who will now deny any sort of relationship with Epstein.

rylex said @ 7:24am GMT on 22nd Dec
agreed. they should not be naming victims. very weird they arent keeping those names redacted
gendo666 said @ 7:20pm GMT on 22nd Dec
Possibly so there is more incentive not to list any names?
But that doesn't seem like it would work.

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