Thursday, 10 April 2014

Facial updated again

quote [ greasemonkey scripts are what's causing most, not all, the mod errors ]

Mea culpa. Hopefully it's fixed now.

I found this good, but not postworthy on its own:

Sorry about the delay in fixes. Very busy, very in trouble and ill. Please keep harassing me when needed, will try to keep up
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[by fishhat@5:09amGMT]


fishhat said @ 5:53am GMT on 10th Apr
testing testy testicles
fishhat said @ 5:54am GMT on 10th Apr
Nikan said @ 5:58am GMT on 10th Apr
+1 Test Plan
pleaides said @ 10:31am GMT on 10th Apr
Ebichuman said @ 12:32pm GMT on 10th Apr
I really miss Sensible Facial, but I'm on Chrome and never figured out how to cure the issue with it only showing the top parent comment in each article subthread. Not sure if you remember that from long ago, but I've reinstalled, uninstalled, deleted all associated files, etc...nothing ever fixed it.

I had hopes seeing this new version, but looks like even the site dying and being reborn didn't fix it either.
ithaqua10 said @ 1:36pm GMT on 10th Apr
are you using it installed in chrome or through tampermonkey? I have not noticed this issue in chrome and am using it through tampermonkey.
Ebichuman said @ 1:33am GMT on 11th Apr
I'll try tampermonkey - it's installed through Chrome right now, thanks for the tip.
Ebichuman said @ 1:38am GMT on 11th Apr
Yeah, same issue with Tampermonkey. For reference, this is what I see:
Ebichuman said @ 1:39am GMT on 11th Apr
Holy crap, that's really big, and I don't even know why - it was a screengrab that was much smaller.

Sorry everyone...I'll hand in my SE library card on my way out...
ithaqua10 said @ 3:31am GMT on 11th Apr
all i can think is some setting is selected that shouldn't be. never seen that
Ebichuman said @ 11:40am GMT on 11th Apr
I've tried playing with the settings. Incidentally, any changes I make to the Facial settings aren't saved and are reverted next time I open the settings dialog, so there's that...

I could probably fix it if I actually was able to totally uninstall Facial, but I assume there are some hidden files somewhere that are broken and are keeping whatever config error present. Regular uninstalls don't seem to do anything.
seneschal said @ 3:19pm GMT on 10th Apr
I've never had that problem in Chrome. Should be fixable.
steele said @ 3:21pm GMT on 10th Apr
You sonsofbitches! ;)
steele said @ 3:22pm GMT on 10th Apr
post is good. btw. nobody sees half the shit in the shoutbox.
fishhat said @ 7:37pm GMT on 10th Apr
Hey all, I can mod posts but apparently not comments. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?
sanepride said @ 8:46pm GMT on 10th Apr
I had this problem before the update, and it seems to be persisting. Your work is appreciated, but I'm disabling until this issue gets worked out. Gratuitously dowmodding comments is one of my great pleasures in life.
seneschal said @ 8:51pm GMT on 10th Apr
Confirmed. I share the same hobby, and I just tried to gratuitously down-mod your comment and it didn't work. :( How am I supposed to capriciously wield my very tiny amount of power without the ability to down-mod comments?
fishhat said @ 12:38am GMT on 11th Apr
OK, thanks for the confirmation. I'll work on it some more tonight.
sanepride said @ 9:00pm GMT on 10th Apr
Also, embedded videos don't play.
fishhat said @ 12:40am GMT on 11th Apr
I know. For now, unchecking "Replace embedded videos with placeholders" should fix that. Or, disabling should also.

I'll get on the video thing... eventually. After the comments are fixed.
eggboy said @ 2:24am GMT on 11th Apr
Cheers, you get an invisible +1 informative
eggboy said @ 4:24am GMT on 11th Apr
Has anything changed with the colour schemes on facial for sensibleendowment? I used to like 'carbon fibre' on the old SE, but I find unclicked links too difficult to read on the new one.
fishhat said @ 7:50am GMT on 11th Apr
Nope, the themes still work as they did before (at least for me, I just changed to Carbon Fiber and then to Papyrus).

Try em and let me know if it doesn't work, k?
snagUber said @ 6:28pm GMT on 11th Apr
btw any news from rojo^ ?
XregnaR said @ 7:38pm GMT on 21st May
What's up with Been down for a while now. Did A Friend get an account over there or something?
XregnaR said @ 7:42pm GMT on 21st May
Hmm, apparently it is still up on port 8080. Oddness.
XregnaR said @ 7:50pm GMT on 21st May
Installed, but collapsy goodness not working for me...

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