Friday, 27 January 2017

"The Gostak and the Doshes" by Miles J. Breuer, M. D.

quote [ "I say, the gostak distims the doshes!" said a fine-looking young fellow. His face was pale and strained looking.

The young man facing him sneered derisively:

"Aw your grandmother! Don't be a feeble—"

He never finished. The first fellow's fist caught him in the cheek. Several books dropped to the ground. In a moment the two had clinched and were rolling on the ground, fists flying up and down, smears of blood appearing here and there. ]

A sci-fi yarn from 1930 about trying to understand an alternate universe's sudden zeal over what we'd think was a meaningless concept. I thought it relevant to many topics of late.
[SFW] [literature] [+3 Good]
[by HP Lovekraftwerk@3:34amGMT]


rylex said[1] @ 3:03pm GMT on 27th Jan
"The Chromium Fence" by Phillip K. Dick, is a good read for those of us who don't feel we believe in either Political party.

it's highly relevant in this presidency.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 4:25pm GMT on 27th Jan
I assume you didn't read the post? It's not encouraging you to join any party or group.
rylex said[1] @ 4:31pm GMT on 27th Jan
some, not all. I'm a bit busy this morning.

I was merely imparting a story some might find relevant to our current political situation in the US. This thread was the newest with the subject of literature.

Edit: read "bit busy" as me conducting interviews by phone while I use it to post here

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