Tuesday, 28 February 2017

New holster forces all nearby body cams to start recording when gun is pulled

quote [ xon, the body cam division of Taser International, has announced Signal Sidearm, a gun holster sensor that detects when a weapon has been removed from a holster and automatically prompts all nearby body cams to start recording.

The Signal Sidearm, despite its slightly confusing name and provided artwork, isn't a pricey, complex smart weapon, but rather a sensor that can be retrofitted into "most existing firearm holsters." The sensor is powered by a coin cell battery that lasts approximately 1.5 years. It sounds like the sensor is technologically very simple, which hopefully means it's also very reliable. ]
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XregnaR said @ 12:54am GMT on 1st Mar
Can't wait to hear the excuses as to why LEAs won't adopt these.
damnit said @ 12:59am GMT on 1st Mar
They'll just turn off the signal sidearm or never charge it.
Dienes said @ 1:10am GMT on 1st Mar [Score:2 Underrated]
It seems like you'd really want to capture what was going on before the gun was drawn. This doesn't sound like it gives the info you really need.
Kelyn said[1] @ 1:20am GMT on 1st Mar [Score:1 Informative]
The way they work now is the moment the button is pushed the video begins recordeding 30 seconds (or something like that) before. The body cam has a constant buffer.

Edit: words.
Dienes said @ 1:19pm GMT on 1st Mar
That's something at least.
Dienes said @ 1:10am GMT on 1st Mar
Why not just have the camera rolling the entire shift?
HoZay said @ 1:34am GMT on 1st Mar
Dunkin' Donuts could sponsor the cams, maybe DD watermark the video.
damnit said @ 3:49am GMT on 1st Mar
This. The vest they already wear could easily house battery packs for the cameras. They can't just start recording if the holster is unbuttoned. Context matters and it appears lots of cases have been swept under the rug by showing only a clip of entire videos.
spleen23 said @ 6:41pm GMT on 1st Mar
Needs to be on their asses, they get up and out of their car, it starts to record.

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