random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

a hobo lapdance for your soul - mrcookieface

turn on, tune in, tits out - ENZ

why havent we replaced MORE fabrics with bacon-cloth? - wottan

I'm not sure I see the point to a sex bot who's only vulnerability is exposure to fluids - foobar

blessed are the Fundamentalists, for they shall inhibit the earth. - tamp

damn I am indignant and my panties are in a bunch - madpride

please don't let your facts get in the way of the TRUTH - SilverDraghyeon

I did not drink enough red bull for this. - steele

it's not because people were disagreeing with me. It's because they were disagreeing with reality - Naruki

I like how you can see just a hint of asshole - crom

one mans pRon is another man WTF - NickelJoe

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