random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

terrorism I can sink my teeth into - Chop-Logik

better sign up for a prepaid legal, you gonna need it - fz75

I did not drink enough red bull for this. - steele

you can't say things like that, sis. People will make pervy comments - shiney things

society is the condom that protects us from being complete dicks to each other. It's pretty thin but it works 99% of the time - devilsad

you gave your game away with the Troll Moderation - circulate

wood man approves highly - snowfox

In honor of our second anniversary, I've had a prostitute adopted in your name. - steele

continuing my serial monogamy with digital images - badgerbaiter

would it annoy me if someone shat in my bathtub? - Nihil

if you're not jerking off to it anyway, get the hell out. - assbastard

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