random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

don't feel ashamed, put your clothes off and jerk at will - sua_sponte

never read comments - theolypse

what, you were expecting Kenneth Branagh? - Amul Muzz

don't try to kill a guy who's willing to go down on you - sanepride

good for your brain AND your prostate - PottyMouth

a wretched soul is he who does not live or lust under summer's rule - arrowhen

retarded people still like to fuck - almostz

the cop on the phone told me you have to blow me now - mattfish

unknown dick scares me - snowfox

press F5 for a funny tagline - rebbel

This 'community' consists of nothing more than porn-obsessed technology wankers, who validate their existence by philosophising and analysising the most trivial insignificant matters to superfluous extent - shadystalkerperson

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