random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

when nine hundred years old you reach, fap as good you will not - EPT

I understand and I wish to continue - lost

never underestimate a coconut - ckfahrenheit

I like how you can see just a hint of asshole - crom

damn I am indignant and my panties are in a bunch - madpride

why would anyone want to worship someone who leaves stains everywhere he goes? - sacrelicious

welcome to "Sacrelicious Pisses on Everything Day" - Krutz

please don't let your facts get in the way of the TRUTH - SilverDraghyeon

fuck the DM! We're taking this game into the Matrix - Ankylosaur

to milk out buckets of fuck butter - DarkShadowRavenDragonGrrl69

porn is expensive. Pr0n is free - Saint_Marck

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