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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Problem: target="_blank"
Description: I tried adding this attribute to a comment link and it didn't work. I'm guessing your filter code discards html element attributes. For hyperlink elements, can you insert (if not found) the `target="_blank"` attribute so that all comment and post text links open in a new tab (or window or what have you depending on default browser settings)?

Of course I can just right-click on a link and open in a new tab/window, but this extra shortcut feature of just clicking on a link to open in a new tab rather than navigating out of sensibleendowment would be pretty swell.

[Problem Category: Misc.] [by Synecdoche @10:44pm] [Closed]

steele said @7:29pm on 8th Dec status changed to: [Closed]
that ought a do it.
steele said @8:23am on 7th Dec status changed to: [Assigned]
I'll add the target attribute to the html whitelist later this week but I'm not going to have it autoadd. That's up to the discretion of the people making the links.

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