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SE v2 Closed BETA

quote [ If you're not a subscriber the link is just going to take you back to the main site for now. Patience, please. ]

I've been working on an SE v2 alpha (well this is the 4th one) for quite a while now and I think I've finally got it functional enough that it's worth opening up to subscribers for Beta testing. There's a still a ton of work to be done on both in the design and on the server side, but it is usable and I figured this would a be a good stage to open it up to other eyes and get some constructive feedback. Constructive feedback, please. If all you've got is complaints 'because it's different' I will be more than happy to send you a homemade copy of my cock for you go to fuck yourself with. Upon payment, of course. ;)

Screenshots, features, and the future in the extended.

What works?
  • Commenting
  • Modding
  • Posting(Mostly)
  • Notifications(Mostly)
  • Message alerts and dropdown (Mostly)

What doesn't work? The rest ;)
Comment editing. I will probably tackle that next.
Toolbar for comments, that's coming after editing.
Notifications don't take you directly to the comment yet. Working on that.
Section/Score Filtering
Who's Online
Streaks Notification on the sidebar
Admin Stuff
Rank page
The shoutbox posts, but doesn't clear the form after use. I know why, can't fix it without being a pain in the ass. Deal with it for the time being.

Basically, if it doesn't work, it will just redirect you back to the functional version on the old site. No harm, no foul. This is just something to give y'all an idea of where I'm at with V2 and the direction I'm heading. There is seriously so much freaking left to do.

It is not optimized for mobile. It works in mobile, but it's clunky. Once I've gotten this to a stable place I'll make a streamlined mobile version. After that we can talk about a possible mobile app and an alternate theme for the site that breaks out of the classic look I've mostly adopted here.

Screenshots for non-subscribers.
The Main Page, it's now infinite scroll. Works for the most part. As long as you scroll down, it will keep loading posts.

The Post page demonstrating the notifications dropdown. Messaging dropdown is similar but links to messages on the old site for now.

The Comments section demonstrating Moderation popups. Just hover a comment or posts score and a little box will pop up and show you who modded what. Mostly works. :)

The Make a Posting page. All dynamic, all one page. But I've split everything up into sections Post Details in one section, Thumbnail in another, etc.

As I've said there is still a lot left to do, this is far from a final version, but I think so far it's pretty sweet. Feel free to drop thoughts, bugs, etc in this thread for time being.
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