Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How a literal war would play out between Alberta and Saskatchewan

quote [ Peace has returned to the Canadian prairies. After Saskatchewan suddenly banned Alberta license plates at provincial construction sites, an escalating interprovincial trade war has been averted at the 11th hour thanks to a climbdown by Regina.

Despite this welcome détente, what would happen if Saskatchewan and Alberta ever reach a future impasse so great that it led to armed conflict? ]

I'm in Winnipeg and I didn't know this was happening. A stupid article to cap off a stupid dispute. Something something Riders were 2 for 3 against the Stamps last year.
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[by Jodan@2:13amGMT]


foobar said @ 5:13am GMT on 24th Jan
I'm pretty sure no one would notice.
gendo666 said @ 5:29am GMT on 24th Jan
I disagree.
but then I live in Toronto.
cb361 said @ 7:55pm GMT on 24th Jan
If it comes to conflict, the sasquatch will definitely win.
Jodan said @ 8:23pm GMT on 24th Jan
Or did you mean SaskWatch
dolemite said @ 4:13pm GMT on 25th Jan
Whenever human beings harm each other it's always the Sasquatch that wins.

Fucking Sasquatch.
maximumtodd said @ 11:06pm GMT on 24th Jan

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