Friday, 26 January 2018

AI-Assisted Fake Porn Is Here and We’re All Fucked

quote [ Someone used an algorithm to paste the face of 'Wonder Woman' star Gal Gadot onto a porn video, and the implications are terrifying. ]

I don't know how I missed this, but I knew it was just a matter of time before it happened. One of the reasons I got into neural networks was when I was researching predictive algorithms and I realised they could be used to produce content. In the world of ones and zeros there's an almost infinite realm of unseen content waiting to be pumped out by algorithmic producers. Anything audio or video you can imagine, in any style you can imagine, it's just a matter of the tech getting there. And we're almost there. Shit's getting cray cray.
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[by steele@4:15amGMT]


DirtyBirdy said @ 4:17am GMT on 26th Jan [Score:2 laz0r]
So... pretty much porn and JibJab are the markets for this?
steele said @ 4:27am GMT on 26th Jan
Well the tech is also out there manufacturing voice as well. Adobe Voco And this isn't the first time I've seen face swapping, but it is the first time I've seen an app released for it at this level.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:16pm GMT on 26th Jan
I'm looking forward to the inevitable Beatles reunion.
steele said @ 2:18pm GMT on 26th Jan
You may not like their cover of Despacito though.
blacksun said @ 7:12am GMT on 27th Jan
Yeah, or you know, faked "leaked" videos from politicians that decide the fate of nations.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:30am GMT on 26th Jan [Score:2]
I can finally wank off to me having sex with me and me and me.

The circle has been completed.
hellboy said @ 8:52am GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
Mookie Centipede!
steele said @ 12:25pm GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Interesting]
For a lowkeysoft project I was thinking of maybe replacing the main actor in old public domain movies as myself. See if they still have they same feel to it.
rylex said @ 6:46am GMT on 26th Jan
If your clone is jacking you off and choking you, is it still technically auto-erotic asphyxiation??
steele said @ 2:06pm GMT on 26th Jan
Also, I think it might be rather entertaining to put porn stars into regular movies. Riley whatshername into Star Wars or something. :D
Ankylosaur said @ 5:11pm GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Funsightful]
Ron Jeremy as Chewbacca?
Han said @ 5:50pm GMT on 26th Jan [Score:2]
Get in there you big furry oaf! I don't care what you smell!
Kama-Kiri said @ 12:46am GMT on 27th Jan
The model data for Peter Cushing is already loaded up and waiting.
midden said @ 4:20am GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Informative]
steele said @ 4:25am GMT on 26th Jan
Ah. Saw the vid, didn't see the article.
7 said @ 2:12pm GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Informative]
Samples converted to GIFS:

As with Photoshop-fakes, you’ll see more bad than good. The celeb has to have a unique and easily-identifiable face, and the porn model has to have a similar body style. Very few of these samples pass those most basic tests. The qualified artists are not going to spend their time on this stuff for free.

This Kristen Bell is one of the few that work for me:
steele said @ 2:24pm GMT on 26th Jan
Yeah I've been running through those threads. There's a lot of interesting info in the comments regarding Neural Net hyperparameters. It's really crazy because it's basically just crowdsourcing a problem, but because it's porn based there's a shitload more people involved and advancements are happening much faster than I would expect. If we could just figure out a way to give all our major AI problems a porn based front-end we'd push ourselves decades ahead of schedule.... LOL, The singularity is going to look like Emma Watson, isn't it? :D
midden said @ 5:29pm GMT on 26th Jan
"The singularity is going to look like Emma Watson." Tagline?
steele said @ 6:06pm GMT on 26th Jan
mwooody said @ 4:19am GMT on 27th Jan
This one is really fascinating: a video game model (Triss from Witcher 3) mapped on to a real human.
blacksun said @ 7:20am GMT on 27th Jan
midden said @ 4:45am GMT on 26th Jan
A friend of mine used to make a good living doing this manually for a VFX house in LA back in the 90s, painstakingly, digitally sticking Tom Cruise's, Arnold Schwarzenegger's and other action hero types faces onto their stunt body doubles. Now your phone can do it in real time.
steele said[2] @ 4:48am GMT on 26th Jan
Shit is going to get seriously chaotic when this shit becomes a snapchat filter. May fuck with people's heads too if its responsive enough.
steele said @ 4:51am GMT on 26th Jan
rhesusmonkey said @ 5:30am GMT on 26th Jan
that's just what they *want* you to think! "no that's not me in that sex tape, it's uh.. AI face swapping! yeah, Science!"
rhesusmonkey said @ 4:56am GMT on 27th Jan
and because i can't open the actual article...

this one?
HoZay said @ 5:50am GMT on 26th Jan
Revenge porn is gonna get a lot worse.
steele said[1] @ 2:17pm GMT on 26th Jan [Score:1 Interesting]
Yes, but maybe better once we can get past the learning curve to where no one trusts porn videos as being legit anymore. Either way, as a society, we're clearly not ready for what's coming. In regards to both our prude-ish nature and our complete lack of understanding of how information works, where machine learning is at, and what's coming.

This is the foundation for complete and total IP post-scarcity; AI librarians to the Library of Babel.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:14pm GMT on 26th Jan
But now there will be plausible deniability.
Ankylosaur said @ 5:17pm GMT on 26th Jan
Take your sextape, put someone else's face on it, leak it before the original gets leaked, now you can point to that as the source some horrible person used to make a fake sextape of you.
steele said @ 6:06pm GMT on 26th Jan

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