Saturday, 26 May 2018

Andrew Sullivan: Why We Should Say Yes to Drugs / Brexit / Pope Loves Gays

quote [ Our society is starved for compassion, gratitude, spirituality, and connection. Psychedelics can help....The end of all this may not be the end of the U.K. or the end of the E.U., but the demise (largely deserved) of the Tory Party....It is so strange to me how so many nonbelievers can see in this Pope’s interaction with others the spirit of Jesus, and how so many of the most devout seem terrified by it. ]

These are the three topics from Sullivan's current New York Magazine column, not, "Three things we should say yes to." I saw Sullivan speak with Sam Harris a few months ago in DC. Since then, I've been following his writing. I don't always agree with him, but I do appreciate his carefully considered ideas.
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4321 said[1] @ 1:05am GMT on 27th May

Sullivan is often insightful, Harris regularly and astonishingly so. But what is most promising about both of them is their ability to move across and outside the balkanized polarities of left/right. I realize the irony of me writing that, but it is nonetheless true, admirable and worthy of emulation.

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