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Monday, 30 January 2023

The Chris Gaines Shuffle

quote [ Discussing the evolution of alter egos, particularly those that aren?t very successful. If we don?t talk about the bad ones, how are they ever gonna learn? ]

And make sure Chris Gaines stays the hell offa my front lawn
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Sunday, 29 January 2023

Illusory Wealth: Victor Dubreuil?s Cryptic Currencies

quote [ After supposedly stealing 500,000 francs from his bank, the mysterious Victor Dubreuil (b. 1842) turned up penniless in the United States and began to paint dazzling trompe l?oeil images of dollar bills. Once associated with counterfeiting and subject to seizures by the Treasury Department, these artworks are evaluated anew by Dorinda Evans, who considers Dubreuil?s unique anti-capitalist visions among the most daring and socially critical of his time. ]

Spend the fake money on the drugs

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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Why do British people love to abbreviate things? An investy g

quote [ Brb, having a menty b about the cozzie livs x ]

Entertaining stories about UK language.
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Sunday, 22 January 2023

Here's Why Craigslist Still Looks the Same After 25+ Years

quote [ I'll challenge the premise that the idea of simplicity has changed. ]

Cool interview, very relatable!
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Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Guccifer, the Hacker Who Launched Clinton Email Flap, Speaks Out After Nearly a Decade Behind Bars

quote [ Despite having essentially zero technical skills ? he gained access to accounts largely by guessing their password security questions ? Lazar knew the fundamental truth that people love reading the private thoughts of powerful strangers. ]

Looks like way more losers than winners in this affair.
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Charles Boycott: The Man Who Became a Verb

quote [ The act of boycotting an organization or a person dates back to centuries, but the word ?boycott? itself is relatively new. It entered English usage only in 1880 after a highly publicized campaign to ostracize a certain English land agent gained wide coverage in the British press. His name was Charles Cunningham Boycott. ]

Hey, hey, hey, let freedom ring, Boycott everything
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Sunday, 15 January 2023

The First Family of Human Cannonballing

quote [ David and Jeannie Smith gave up their day jobs for a life of daredevil stunts ?with six children in tow. Five decades, thousands of cannon shots and multiple Guinness World Records later, this stupendous family business is still defying gravity and all other expectations. ]

I know you're a cannonball
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Wednesday, 11 January 2023

The Order of the Good Death

quote [ Let?s be honest, ?funeral industry reform? is not a fun, sexy topic for advocacy.
To help you make accurate and informed decisions about death, dying, and funerals, we?ve created a wide variety of resources grounded in accurate facts, science, and history. ]

Advocating for death positivity since 2011 or so.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Eating and Reading with Katherine Mansfield

quote [ Like fast food and snacks, the short story has been derided as minor cuisine, ephemeral and insubstantial, light fare compared to the novel?s sustenance. For Katherine Mansfield, a great master of the form, eating offered a model for the sensuous consumption of her fiction ? stories, in turn, that are filled with scenes of alimentary pleasure. On the centenary of the New Zealand writer?s death, Aime Gasston samples her appetites. ]

Playing time i been eating
Inside the lines i be reading
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Saturday, 7 January 2023

Paper Trails

quote [ Pete Kennedy translates his passion for the outdoors into the Pisgah Map Company. ]

The map maker tries to help you find your way
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