Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Move over male marsonauts, sperm banks in space are the hot new way to colonize Mars

quote [ All-female astronaut crews could reproduce in space without the help of accompanying men, new research suggests.

The study found that frozen samples of sperm exposed to microgravity retained similar characteristics to sperm samples kept on the ground, raising hopes that a sperm bank could one day be set up in space to help populate new worlds.

This could prove interesting for female astronauts, amid reports that future missions to Mars may involve women-only space crews. ]

Bulky males are inefficient.
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[by Ankylosaur@8:28pmGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 12:52pm GMT on 27th Jun
Do they also need to be lesbians?
cb361 said @ 6:32pm GMT on 27th Jun
You don't need to be a lesbian to work on Mars, but it helps.
zarathustra said @ 5:12am GMT on 28th Jun
I would think women would be smart enough to send all the men to mars and keep the earth for themselves.
moriati said @ 10:19pm GMT on 28th Jun
In 1000 years they return, "Show me more of this Earth thing called tapping."

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