Thursday, 8 July 2021

‘Holy stuff’ - Bruce Lee’s letters document shipments and orders of cocaine, acid, other drugs

quote [ Recently revealed letters from Bruce Lee allegedly detail international drug shipments to Hong Kong. ]

Culturally, Bruce is an icon that asian men aspire to be and simultanously the stereotyped caricature that is used to mock them.

Knowing that he took illicit drugs makes him seem much more human and just maybe gave birth to his signature nose rub.

His collapse during post production of Enter the Dragon was attributed to a grand mal seizure brought on by cerebral edema.
A few months later the same conditions preceded his death at the home of an acquaintance. Autopsy found hash in his stomach and a tranquilizer in his system.


I think it possible drug use contributed to his edema.
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ComposerNate said @ 10:54am GMT on 14th Jul
Lee presented as superhuman, which seems a marker for drug use

Who else appears superhuman and used no enhancement drugs?

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