Thursday, 24 February 2022

Bright Lights, Belgian City, Unhappy Hookers

quote [ Antwerp will dim the bright new lights along the Belgian port city's waterfront after prostitutes complained they were putting off potential clients. ]

Only in Europe would the local government listen to the complaints of working girls. Excepting Nevada, of course, where morality means you have gambling and prostitution, but not in the same counties. - gm1970


To celebrate the President George W Bush's second term, an SE post from 20th January, 2005.

Chop-Logik's NSFW link

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[by cb361@11:04pmGMT]


endopol said @ 5:53pm GMT on 25th Feb
It’s heartening to see how much less awful the SE comments were, compared to the original article’s comments.
cb361 said[1] @ 8:00pm GMT on 25th Feb
Never read the comments, my friend. Never read the comments...

But the SE comments make me nostalgic for a time when the SE user base had a critical mass to generate them.
captainstubing said @ 10:50pm GMT on 25th Feb
Nice work!

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