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Deutschland ?ber alles

quote [ Germany has claimed a fourth World Cup crown in a 1-0 win against Argentina after extra time in the final in Rio de Janeiro. Substitute Mario Goetze was the hero, as he scored the only goal with seven minutes to go. ]

I am gonna get killed by my Argentinian friends, but the Germans were my fave after whe Mexican team got derrailed. A solid machine of a team. God bless them. The Argentinians were also great, and I am willing to bet that they will be the first Latin American team to win in an European World Cup. Next stop is Mother Russia. For some reason, they gave the Golden Ball to Messi. Most people cosiders that Colombian James deserved it.
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[by Onix@11:11pmGMT]


Anti_fuites said @ 12:17am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:5 Funny]
Onix said @ 1:00am GMT on 14th Jul
Yeah. I guess you can't have it all.
Bob Denver said @ 4:09am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Funny]
I'd love to see a +10 Flamebait because World Cup...but I cannot bring myself to downmod.
Onix said @ 5:04am GMT on 14th Jul
It's okay Bob, you can do it if you want to.
Bob Denver said @ 5:14am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Original]
Thanks, but there aren't enough football fans to make it worthwhile.
Onix said @ 5:19am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Funny]
Maybe some other time.
Bob Denver said @ 5:42am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Interesting]
You're anticipating doing something that heinous that I'd downmod you?!
Onix said @ 6:21am GMT on 14th Jul
Ah... Maybe.... Perhaps.....
robotroadkill said @ 11:51am GMT on 14th Jul
Is a goal we all strive for, really. The ever elusive Bob Denver downmod.
Dumbledorito said @ 4:19am GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Good]
I guess this is appropriate:

Really, if smack-talk via animated GIF would take off among sports nuts, their latent nationalism would kick in and soccer would become a thing in America.
Onix said @ 5:07am GMT on 14th Jul
Just let some die-hard Argentinian fans tell them how much they suck in soccer in television and you'll make a lot of American fans and a competitive team. It worked greatly for Costa Rica and Mexico.
Dumbledorito said @ 5:17pm GMT on 20th Jul
Had to add this one for posterity:
Dumbledorito said @ 5:17pm GMT on 20th Jul
sanepride said @ 4:18pm GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Insightful]
Unsurprising result, since it took nearly six years for the Germans to get beaten by the combined allied forces, and Argentina was defeated by the Brits alone in just two months.
De_Wr0ng said @ 7:21pm GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
bltrocker said @ 8:18pm GMT on 14th Jul [Score:1 Informative]
The goal was simply amazing. "Worthy of the world cup" is how the announcer put it, I think. I wanted the Germans to win going in (although fuck Muller and his lanky crybabying and flopping), but I wanted them to win it even more when I saw that Argentina was basically playing counter-attack/wait for pks.
Onix said @ 8:31pm GMT on 14th Jul
Yes. The Argentinians seemed to avoid risks and just wait for a ball to bounce on their side. But the Germans had the most amazing team of the whole cup, probably followed by Costa Rica, which had an incredible evolution. What was his name, Shwarztiger, bleeding after repeated blows by the Argentinians and still playing was an inspirational image, if you consider most player would probably go to to bench instead. But I still have a place in my heart for Guillermo Ochoa and coach Miguel Herrera from Mexico. Too bad the Netherlands got us on the last minute.
Taleweaver said @ 2:33pm GMT on 15th Jul
The German player you mentioned was Bastian Schweinsteiger (SHVINE-shty-gurr), and he definitely had his Rocky Balboa moment in that match. It was one of the rougher games overall; thirteen minutes in the game, another German player, Christoph Kramer, was knocked out when Argentina's Ezekiel Garay slammed his shoulder into Kramer's temple. Kramer later said he had suffered a memory loss; his memory of the game starts with him under the shower just before the second half, and him not remembering how he got there.
Bob Denver said @ 2:46am GMT on 14th Jul
And they said that Goatse was a bad thing...
damnit said @ 3:52am GMT on 14th Jul
HoZay said @ 2:09pm GMT on 14th Jul
That was quick.

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