Monday, 28 November 2016

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide domestic violence

quote [ The daily programme Sabahiyat, on Channel 2M, showed a smiling makeup artist demonstrating how to mask marks of beating. ]
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HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 1:35pm GMT on 28th Nov [Score:1 Insightful]
Is that why we should "grab 'em by the pussy?" So it doesn't leave marks?
GordonGuano said @ 10:28pm GMT on 28th Nov
If exit polls can be trusted, 53% of white women seem to think so.
sanepride said @ 10:40pm GMT on 28th Nov
Probably about the same percentage of women who stay with their abusers.
Bob Denver said @ 8:51am GMT on 29th Nov
And similar to the percentage of men who stay with their abusive spouses. A paper I read back in the '90's pointed out that the percentage was roughly equal for men and women in abusive relationships. The paper did point out that the women were far more likely to use weapons. IIRC it was published out of the state of New York.
sanepride said @ 2:12pm GMT on 29th Nov
Sure I can believe that. But I seriously doubt the overall number of abused men is anywhere near that of abused women.

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