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Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

quote [ Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. ]

Gotta say, I found this trailer quite compelling and encouraging. Production looks beautiful, but all I ask for is interesting characters and thoughtful, well-written stories.

Hopefully this works for those outside the US:

Apparently even Canadians can watch it here:
(thx to Morris)

Yeah, fuck CBS for putting this only on their pay-access channel in the US.
No doubt there will be other alternatives for watching it.
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[by sanepride@2:26pmGMT]


Morris Forgot his Password said @ 3:33pm GMT on 18th May [Score:1 Interesting]
Here it is...
slaytanik said @ 3:39pm GMT on 18th May
So Galaxy Quest?
Bleb said @ 7:02pm GMT on 18th May [Score:1 Insightful]
I'm not a huge Trekkie, but I've spent a few hours in front of the various incarnations on TV.

TNG > Voyager > TOS > Enterprise > DS9

DS9 seemed a little too space soap opera at times, which I think was a result of it being set on a stationary location. I was never into the original Kirkesque show, but have to put it in the middle out of grudging respect for it being the genesis of the whole thing.

Anyway, if the new series is better than Enterprise I'll give it a go.
sanepride said[1] @ 2:26pm GMT on 18th May
cb361 said @ 3:11pm GMT on 18th May [Score:1 Insightful]
It needs more power!
sanepride said @ 3:21pm GMT on 18th May
I'm giving it all she's got!
cb361 said @ 4:48pm GMT on 18th May
What if we reverse the angle bracket polarity of the HTML and pass it back through the youtube array? That might generate sufficient internets to break through the Zuckerberg firewall field!

Or meh. Just fall in love with some six-breasted floozie, who'll be coveniently killed-off.
Morris Forgot his Password said @ 3:28pm GMT on 18th May

This video is not available.

Sorry about that.
sanepride said @ 3:47pm GMT on 18th May
International version added to extended. Let me know if it works for you.
Morris Forgot his Password said @ 3:48pm GMT on 18th May
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Sorry about that.
Morris Forgot his Password said[1] @ 3:47pm GMT on 18th May
Ok... so here it really is... and frankly, being a fan for practically all my life (first watched in 66)

sanepride said @ 4:00pm GMT on 18th May
As far as I'm concerned the farther it is from those three awful 'reboot' movies the better. I've also been a fan since the original TOS run (I was pretty young at the time, gained a greater appreciation in later syndication), I'm encouraged here by the emphasis on dialogue and dramatic tension rather than mindless action sequences.
We'll see, I'm *cautiously* optimistic. If scripts and plots are good I can overlook a lot of other issues.
captainstubing said @ 9:50am GMT on 19th May [Score:1 Informative]
Say what you like about the reboots, but the new Uhura set this Yeoman's phaser to 'Engorged'.
mechavolt said @ 7:30pm GMT on 18th May
You're more optimistic than I am. While I would love a series that emphasized dialogue over action, what was in that trailer left me concerned.
wolf359 said @ 1:53am GMT on 19th May
That's fair. However, here's what I saw:

In a trailer that will always be cut to emphasize the most uptempo, exciting moments (look at trailers for TNG, DS9, and VOY), there was still no shooting, no phasers, no torpedoes, but discussion about exploring and the ethics of a preemptive strike.

I remain cautiously optimistic on the show.
C18H27NO3 said @ 3:54pm GMT on 18th May
So. . . I know this is sacrilege around these parts, but another star trek series? Seriously? This is getting into zombie territory. Once the idea hits paydirt, resurrect the series every generation. Can there ever be another space series that's not attached to this brand? It's getting old. . .

I guess branding for each generation is good when you like the product. Not so much when it's Beverly Hills 90210 or Murder She Wrote.
sanepride said @ 4:09pm GMT on 18th May
It would be great to see a new series that could be as compelling, but Trek at least provides a handy, familiar framework that can still potentially tell good stories.
It's been 17 years since the last TV version, and it's always worked best IMO in its original episodic form, as opposed to blockbuster movies. So why not?
C18H27NO3 said @ 5:35pm GMT on 18th May [Score:3 Underrated]
Firefly was one. Amazon has another called The Expanse. Most all are modeled on star trek because it's a money maker. I'm so tired of humanoid aliens and the same plot lines. All four star trek series rehash the same stories. Same conflicts, same existential shit. If it's not the Borg, it's the Xindi. Same tired old characters. The maverick, the rebellious one, the logical one, the emotional one. It's all the fucking same. I know I'll get arguments over this.

Anyway, I haven't watched the trailer, but the idea of space exploration is teaming with imaginative ideas and themes/ story lines ready to be harvested. And they haven't been. This remake is driven by profits, and profits alone, stimulating the same emotional sensors.

The more we accept shit like this, the more a branded, less innovative society we become. Tell me you can't agree with that idea considering the re-makes and re-branding of super heroes and typical smash 'em up crime drama shite. I tried picking a movie last weekend and I couldn't find one worth spending $20 on.

Get off my lawn. . .
sanepride said @ 6:16pm GMT on 18th May
The cynic in me agrees with you. But at the same time, I still have an emotional soft-spot for the familiar, if tired conventions of Star Trek. Thing is those conventions still work, and not just for making money.
But just to be clear, though I find the trailer encouraging, I'm not gonna just like and accept this show because it's Star Trek. I didn't like 'Voyager' and I didn't like 'Enterprise' (except for the last season) and the 'reboot' movies were just big-budget bullshit. This new show has to earn my respect on its own merits.
Spork said[1] @ 9:03pm GMT on 18th May
I've made a detailed comment on this site somewhere about how all the characters are recycling bits that worked from previous series'.

Make a series set in a Klingon Bird of Prey and you can count me the fuck in.
Spork said[1] @ 9:04pm GMT on 18th May
And don't pussy out on it either, by making half the crew federation or something. Full Klingon crew, blood, sex, violence and honour, instant Netflix hit.
sanepride said @ 10:24pm GMT on 18th May
I like the idea but it could only work (or be sold) with at least one human crew member, so the audience has someone they can relate to.
HoZay said @ 11:44pm GMT on 18th May [Score:1 Insightful]
Dances With Klingons.
wolf359 said @ 2:02am GMT on 19th May
I loved Firefly and enjoy Expanse. However, Star Trek has an identity, a core ethos about it, that in scifi shows is almost unique.

The only other show that consistantly is about the joy of exploring, of seeing what's next, what's beyond the farthest star is Doctor Who.

Firefly was about recovering from a war that made you question every gorram thing you ever believed, ad finding a family to love again.

BSG was about terrorism, 9-11, and the enemy that looks like us, that is us.

Babylon 5 was about growing up, finding your place in the world, killing your parents and not making their mistakes.

Star Trek, across all 5 series, was about understanding humanity by understanding aliens. About going places because you could. About discovering. Even in it's darkest moments (which were some of DS9's best), it still had an optimism about how humanity could become better, had become better.
cb361 said @ 4:53pm GMT on 18th May
blacksun said @ 5:44pm GMT on 18th May
I'm hopefully optimistic but I've been burned before.

Just kidding I fucking hate it when people say that shit.
Bob Denver said @ 5:54pm GMT on 18th May
Why oh why do they keep fucking with the Klingons' faces?! They keep picking at the design like a teen picks at a pimple...and with similar results.
midden said @ 2:49pm GMT on 24th Jun
A little blackface, an evil goatee and some serious eyebrows is all you need.
Bob Denver said @ 6:15am GMT on 25th Jun
Don't forget the liberal use of the words, "garbage scow"...
gendo666 said @ 6:07pm GMT on 18th May
Well this looks like .. not exactly crap. - just over-achieving.
Lens-flare. dumb uniform designs. bad Klingons. (as in bad-looking)
The cast looks "diverse" as in they threw any alien who wanted to join Starfleet in the same ship so we could "all learn to get along." I wonder if there is a sealed section of the ship (foreshadowing the whale storage) that's full of straight white males (just in case).
"getting close" to transport makes less sense than taking a shuttle.
Not to mention it's trying pretty had to be Star Wars - or Star Wars like.
sanepride said @ 6:33pm GMT on 18th May
Star Trek was always about diversity, long before it was cool. The reason you didn't have more weird-looking aliens was more about budgetary constraints.
HoZay said @ 8:00pm GMT on 18th May
TOS was mostly about diversity and mutual respect, except for being sexist as hell.
sanepride said[1] @ 8:21pm GMT on 18th May
True, TOS was, for better and worse, a total product of its time.
Not that I can complain too much about female crew members' ridiculously impractical uniforms.
HoZay said @ 8:50pm GMT on 18th May
I just recently rewatched those first two seasons. Besides the sexism, what jumps out at you is total lack of security and common sense. Bring an alien threat on board, leave it unguarded, next thing you know it's in the engine room, stealing your crystals. Or, first approach to an alien planet? Let's send an exploratory party, consisting of the captain and all senior officers.
sanepride said @ 9:02pm GMT on 18th May
I love how they happily allowed Khan, who they already suspected of being a genetically-engineered fugitive, full access to all the Enterprise's technical specs, including the security systems. Shortsighted to be sure, but it did forward the plot along.
C18H27NO3 said[1] @ 9:22pm GMT on 18th May
Or, first approach to an alien planet? Let's send an exploratory party, consisting of the captain and all senior officers. Ahh yess. Nostalgic colonialism.

But ignorance and stupidity have been plot vehicles for a while. For me, it's whether or not I'm willing to suspend disbelief for the duration. Character development, plot twists, and good dialogue make for good cover. As long as you view it in context.
shiftace said @ 6:57pm GMT on 18th May
What am I looking at?

youchoose said[1] @ 12:07am GMT on 19th May
According to cbs, the first episode will air on cbs but the rest will be on CBS all access. I already have Netflix and amazon prime. Not about to sign up and pay for cbs all access for this.
sanepride said @ 1:06am GMT on 19th May
Absolutely, same here. Note the link in the extended, there will be 'other means' for watching it.
youchoose said @ 1:14am GMT on 19th May
Oh yeah. All over it. :)
damnit said @ 2:49am GMT on 19th May
My main takeaway from this new series is that it focuses on the first officer instead of the captains like in previous series.

With this, The Expanse, and Dark Matter, it's like I'm in middle school/high school again with Voyager/Enterprise, Andromeda, Farscape, BSG, and Lexx.

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