Saturday, 1 July 2017

Peaches - Rub

Couple-a extra music videos in extended.

Another (sfw) video from Peaches that I've always liked:
PEACHES 'MUD' Official Music Video

And unrelated to Peaches: this. I just like the vibe of it. It reminds me of the "crazy young people partying in Ibiza" teaser tv programs that were on about 10-15 years ago.

Anyone have any more?
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[by Spork@9:47pmGMT]


spazm said @ 10:34pm GMT on 1st Jul
That was like a very sexy bad trip.
eggboy said @ 11:00pm GMT on 1st Jul
Man that does not work for me ay, every time I try the link everything slows to an unusable crawl.
eggboy said @ 8:47am GMT on 2nd Jul
Still can't get the cunt to work, and it's too late, I'm too drunk, and I have to work too early in the morning.

Worth it, much as I love Pacquiao it was good to see a local lad win it.

Anyhoo, the video clips I've been loving recently have been by these lads.

Twelve Foot Ninja - Sick (official video)

Heavy funk experimental stuff, kinda like what I wish Mr Bungle could have been.

Twelve Foot Ninja - One Hand Killing

A lot of people don't love the extra minutes of random shit they put into every video, but I gotta admit, it's my steez.

Check em out.

eggboy said @ 8:48am GMT on 2nd Jul
Show me your music I may not have heard of
krupa said @ 8:08am GMT on 2nd Jul
Sucking on my titties.... reminds me of the Best Movie Ever, Lost in Translation. :D

Watched it in the movies for ~4 times, could relate to it easily. Just like starship troopers.

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