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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Senate passes copyright bill to end 140-year protection for old songs

quote [ But on Tuesday, we saw a rare moment of bipartisan and trans-industry harmony on copyright law, as the Senate unanimously passed the Music Modernization Act, a bill that creates a streamlined process for online services to license music and federalizes America's bizarre patchwork of state laws governing music recorded before 1972. ]

I registered with BMI this year and am listed as a songwriter for a song I co-wrote. Under current law, I believe no one can play it without permission until 2113. If I reach average lifespan I'll be dead by about 2061.

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Monday, 17 September 2018


quote [ De tekst is zeer simpel, het is ?Hua!? ]

More trombones!

Main link to live performance of Belgian band Brazzmatazz, which has two free albums online.

See also:

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

"Bonehemian Rhapsody" 28-Trombone Collaboration!

quote [ ALL COLLABORATORS: (Expand description to see them all!!!) ]

We'll hear those trombones slidin' high
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Monday, 10 September 2018

Someone has mixed Tchaikovsky?s ?Swan Lake? with ?Gettin? Jiggy Wit It? and it?s actually incredible

quote [ Nothing to see here, just some ballerinas getting jiggy with it? ]

I laughed. A lot. alalaslahdtghtdh
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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Musical Pleasures

quote [ We know music is pleasurable, the question is why? Many answers have been proposed: perhaps none are quite right ]

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Kris Kristofferson talking about his song Sunday morning coming down

quote [ so "Sunday Morning Coming Down" is kind of more or less what I was living at that time. I guess it was depressing, I don't know, but the chorus was kind of uplifting. ... What I was really trying to do was to keep the feeling of loss and of sadness. ]

Interesting background on a good song. Wiki page has surprisingly little information. Was considered 6th of the 40 saddest country songs of all time* in the Johnny Cash version. I like the Kristofferson one better.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Pharoahe Monch ? Damage

quote [ So I started off with that title track and my manager was like, 'Yo, let's really dive into that state and how you got to where you are now, and how this follows what people go through to get back to a so-called 'normal' situation'. [?] The concept album follows a veteran through combat experience, his return home, relationship dissolution, drug addiction, painful depression, and, finally, a triumphant but realistically rendered decision to keep living and struggling. ]

In defence of contemporary hip hop, here's a good artist/producer: Full album listen and more videos in extended.

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rockets - On the Road Again (1978, Official Video)

quote [ The Rockets (or Les Rockets) are a legendary space rock band formed in Paris in 1974. ]

Stumbled upon this in an interview from a former member and synth creator Yan Terrien on why he releases his psychedelic samplers for free.
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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Aretha Franklin is in hospice care

quote [ The soul singer has been dogged by reports of failing health for years and appeared frail in recent photos, but she has kept her struggles private. ]

If there is a rock and roll heaven , well they got one hell of a band.

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Corine - Perché Perché (Pourquoi Pourquoi Version Italienne)

quote [ Réalisateurs - Christian Beuchet & Laurent Thessier
Adaptation des paroles en italien par Pierre Buf ]

As if retro French pop wouldn't be campy enough, they translated the single to Italian! More videos in extended.

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