Sunday, 9 July 2017

Church of England demands ban on conversion therapy

quote [ Synod calls for government to ban practice aiming to change sexual orientation after hearing experiences of ‘spiritual abuse’ in emotional debate ]


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krupa said @ 9:55am GMT on 9th Jul
as there was no +1 suspicious_of_church
mechavolt said @ 11:23am GMT on 9th Jul
Just a friendly reminder that the cool pope's church is totally still for this.
Hugh E. said @ 8:54pm GMT on 9th Jul
It's good the church is denouncing the practice, because conversion therapy is stupid. But people should be allowed to offer stupid things. Educating something into oblivion instead of legislating it away: It's a harder path, but a better one.
3333 said[2] @ 11:23am GMT on 9th Jul [Score:-5 Boring]
You can pretend to change your sex with surgical amputation, but trying to change your "orientation" is "unethical and harmful".

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