Thursday, 1 December 2016

Data is beautiful: global prevalence of consanguinity

quote [ It is envisaged that this Website can serve both as a spur to continuing data collection on consanguinity, and as a baseline against which future changes in marriage practices and their outcomes can be assessed. ]

Also roughly equivalent to a map of the prevalence of open air defecation, though correlation is of course not the same thing as causation. If nothing else, we can be grateful to the Catholic Church for making cousin banging taboo and inadvertently giving Western civilization a shot in the arm.

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[by GordonGuano@1:29amGMT]


lilmookieesquire said @ 3:03am GMT on 1st Dec
I really feel like the United States meds a state by state breakdiwn
HoZay said @ 3:12am GMT on 1st Dec
Easy for you to say.
lilmookieesquire said @ 7:36am GMT on 1st Dec
I told you I dunked med any stabling autocorrect
GordonGuano said @ 3:51am GMT on 1st Dec
Well, if you live in the sticks, you might not have as many ancestors as them city slickers, sure. But that had a lot more to do with great-grandpa not being able to buy his way out of conscription during the War of Northern Aggression.

Also, what's up with Canada?
Cackzilla said @ 4:12am GMT on 1st Dec
I blame the French.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 8:31am GMT on 1st Dec
The Scots likely helped.
midden said @ 4:32am GMT on 1st Dec
I wonder how much of this is due to simple mobility; when most people live their entire lives within the boundary of the horizon, there is bound to be a reduction in genetic diversity.
GordonGuano said @ 9:30am GMT on 1st Dec
Polygyny doesn't help, either. At least, if you have a taboo against screwing half-siblings.

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