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Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Legendary Comics Artist John Romita Passes at 93

quote [ While obviously Steve Ditko created Spider-Man's look, it was Romita's slight re-designs that made Spider-Man the global icon that he remains to this day. ]

Ah, Jazzy Johnny... my favorite comics artist, even though he was mostly done by the time I really got into comics. Clean lines, fantastic storytelling... his Spider-Man is definitive.
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Monday, 3 February 2020

Permafrost Is Thawing So Fast, It’s Gouging Holes in the Arctic

quote [ “Essentially, we're taking terra firma and making it terra soupy.” ]

I've got a sinking feeling. Thumb kinda related?
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Sunday, 9 July 2017

(Extra)Goodshit has Been Wiped!

quote [ Well, this is awkward. The site you're looking for is not here. ]

Went to today, even though Fred doesn't always post on Sundays, 'cause I just had a feeling (I'm an RSS subscriber, but couldn't remember if I'd cleared the updates or not) and... well, hit the link and you'll see. If anyone knows or otherwise in contact with Fred Lapides, some info would appreciated.

(category is art, because Fred is a link-posting artist, damnit)
I'd hate to lose out on my daily dose of that extra goodshit - been hitting the site for years.
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Famed Comic Artist Steve Dillon Dead at 54

quote [ Popular comic book artist Steve Dillon, best-known as the co-creator of "Preacher," has died.

He was just 54.

The grim news was confirmed Saturday morning on Twitter by his younger brother.

"Sad to confirm he death of Steve, my big brother and my hero,” Glyn Dillon tweeted Saturday morning. “He passed away in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed. Cheers x.” ]

2016. Motherfucker.

This hurts. I've always loved his clean but dynamic style. When I saw his name attached, I knew I'd be in for a fun time. This is horrid.
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Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Inside Story of When Run-DMC Met Aerosmith and Changed Music Forever

quote [ ...producer Rick Rubin, a 22-year-old white kid from New York University, comes up with a crazy idea: He recruits Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the leaders of the down-and-out arena-rock group Aerosmith, to collaborate with Run-DMC on a new version of their 1970s staple “Walk This Way.” ]

I remember when this song first came out (I was 12-13). I did NOT care for it and, in fact, didn't for several years. It wasn't until I was a mature adult that I came to not only like, but LOVE this. Regardless of my feelings on it when it arrived, I knew without a shadow of the doubt that this was a game-changer.

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