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Sunday, 12 May 2024

How to Consult an Onion Oracle

quote [ From the Midwest to a tiny town in Italy, the tradition of weather-predicting onions lives on. ]

And can go serve an onion
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+2]
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Thursday, 9 May 2024

Peeking into the Ocean?s Microscopic Baby Boom

quote [ Springtime delivers the world?s tiniest zoo babies. ]

Microscopic, day by day
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+2]
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Monday, 6 May 2024

Orangutan seen treating wound with medicinal herb in first for wild animals

quote [ Sumatran ape applied sap and leaves to open cut after suspected fight with another male, say scientists ]

The orangutan, one of a kind
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+2]
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Friday, 26 April 2024

Most people are disgusted by these animals. These New Yorkers are filling their homes with them.

quote [ In NYC, many wildlife rehabbers see pests as part of a thriving urban ecosystem. ]

If I mend your broken wing
will you look back as you fly away?
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Informative]
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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

The Waning Reign of the Wetland Architect We Barely Know (Hint: Not a Beaver)

quote [ Little-appreciated, semiaquatic, and cute-as-hell, muskrats can survive almost anywhere. So where are they? ]

And they whirl and they twirled and they tango
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Interesting]
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Friday, 19 April 2024

Trembling Earth

quote [ What can 24 nights solo in our endangered Okefenokee Swamp reveal? Photographer David Walter Banks found something wild and haunting and alive. This is his tale - in words and art. ]

Through the Okefenokee I waded pass the gators
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Interesting]
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Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Saving a Sea Monkey Sanctuary

quote [ As the Great Salt Lake in Utah shrinks, locals are working to preserve its critical brine shrimp fishery?along with the other entities that flourish in the lake?s strange, saline beauty. ]

Will my sea monkeys go to heaven?
Will my sea monkeys go to hell?
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Interesting]
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Tuesday, 2 April 2024

Seagulls 'charismatic' not 'criminal', say scientists

quote [ Urban seagulls get a bad press but we must learn to live alongside them, say conservation experts. ]

The seagulls stole our fish and chips
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Informative]
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Saturday, 30 March 2024

Light at the End of the Tunnel

quote [ Millions of killer culverts lurk beneath North American roadways, strangling populations of migratory fish. Now with a nationwide project, the United States is trying to fix them. ]

drip into culvert pipes
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+1 Good]
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Sunday, 24 March 2024

Kitten Season Is a 'Natural Disaster' That's Only Getting Worse

quote [ The trend is bad news for animal shelters and wildlife alike. ]

Stray cat in the alley
[SFW] [environment & nature] [+3]
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