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Friday, 11 December 2015

What Do You Do When a Notorious Celebrity Stalker Starts Stalking You?

quote [ I ALWAYS ask every Scieftologist [sic] I see at every Scientology center how I can reach the secret Spaceship Level where you fight Xenu as Space Heroes with Tom Cruise as commander and they always act brainwashed like they dont know anything when they all clearly do. Now Lenora Ill try to rescue you from brainwashing because you really have great tits and Im sure that if I could unbrainwash you and you could see Im really the real Clark Kent/Superman youd totally be into me so I could tittyfuck you and cum all over your face which is the goal here. ]

Though entirely creepy, I found this guy's stalker emails to be hilarious. Marked NSFW because I err on the side of caution and he does talk about her tits a lot.
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ninjai Feature Film Preview

quote [ To kick off 2015, we humbly present the world's first sneak peek of our animated feature, Ninjai: the Little Ninja. ]

The Ninjai webseries was quite popular on the old site. They haven't updated much forever, and this is the first new footage in years.
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