Saturday, 6 November 2021

Billionaire Charlie Munger on Controversial UCSB Dorm

quote [ The man behind the mega-dorm at the University of California, Santa Barbara, responds to criticism that it will create an unhealthy environment for students in rooms without windows. ]

What can go wrong cramming 4,500 college kids in a dorm that looks like sh*t and has no windows? A billionaire explains why everyone else is wrong.
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Bruceski said @ 5:29pm GMT on 6th Nov
4500 college kids in a dorm that looks like shit, no windows, only two exits, and if I read the room diagram correctly put the stove next to the only door out.
Hugh E. said @ 1:12am GMT on 7th Nov
What this article strangely omits is that while living there you get a chance at being on Hot Shots for just fifteen million merits.
5th Earth said @ 12:35am GMT on 8th Nov
Honestly doesn't look that bad to me, but I'm a claustrophile. There are 3 exits to each "house" (two in the great room, one at the other end of the "gallery"). Though I'm suspicious of only two showers per 8 people.

Still makes me think of Neal Stephenson's first book, "The Big U", though. The quality of the lighting and HVAC systems are going to be absolutely critical.
mechanical contrivance said[1] @ 2:40pm GMT on 8th Nov
When I was in college, there was one shower per eight people.
knumbknutz said @ 3:23pm GMT on 10th Nov
Fuckin' a - that building looks exactly like the MCC federal prison, downtown.

Shit like this makes me glad I worked 2 jobs and rented my own place when I was going to school.

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