Saturday, 27 August 2016

What Do You Look Like - MS Paint Edition

quote [ Get out your artistic flair and show your face! Can't draw for shit? No worries, MS Paint levels all artistic playing fields. ]

Bonus points for those that are: a) Good b) Bad c) Done entirely from a single line, without letting go of the mouse button until it's finished.

NSFW because language and inevitability.

The link goes to an online version of paint if anyone needs it, but I've done zero research on it so if it's shit and you have a link to something better let me know?

The yellow thing is supposed to be an Ikea lamp behind me, not a... I don't even know what that look like.
[NSFW] [do it yourSElf] [+10 Original]
[by Spyike@8:28pmGMT]


Bleb said @ 12:04am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:5 Classy Pr0n]
Franger Sanger said @ 12:29am GMT on 28th Aug
...and here is your mod mentioned below, now in the right place!
Leezurd said @ 5:20am GMT on 28th Aug
...which one is Graham?
robotroadkill said @ 1:04am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:5 Good]

Took some creative liberties here. MSpaint on a surface with stylus.
shiftace said @ 1:33am GMT on 28th Aug
nice nips.
arrowhen said @ 5:10am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:5]
shiftace said[1] @ 9:36pm GMT on 27th Aug [Score:4 Good]
steele said @ 10:30pm GMT on 27th Aug
Your link is broken.
shiftace said @ 12:11am GMT on 28th Aug
should work now.
papango said @ 5:40am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:4 Good]
" alt="Me" />
steele said @ 12:47pm GMT on 28th Aug [Score:4 Good]

Me and my cat Oy camping by the lake under a strawberry moon.
lilmookieesquire said @ 4:28pm GMT on 28th Aug
Have you lost weight ?
steele said @ 5:02pm GMT on 28th Aug
The fucking bugs are eating me alive, mookie. I'm just a skeleton now.
HoZay said @ 7:22pm GMT on 28th Aug [Score:2]
JWWargo said @ 1:39am GMT on 29th Aug [Score:2]
Bleb said @ 1:34pm GMT on 30th Aug
Well this is clearly gonna influence my impression of the next podcast.
JWWargo said @ 9:48pm GMT on 30th Aug
I have a chair to sit in, but was too lazy to draw it.
steele said @ 10:31pm GMT on 27th Aug
I like this, i'll try it later.
Franger Sanger said[1] @ 12:28am GMT on 28th Aug
I teach computer classes to children aged 4-9. We use Paint quite a bit. Every single boy aged 4-9 will use the lightning bolt shape for every single thing they can possibly think of. I did not think I would ever see a new use for the lightning bolt in this lifetime.

Oh, I've seen it as hair before - as dreads, as Einstein crazy-scientist shocks, as spikes and mohawks and beards and moutaches. But never as a balding gangster's combover. Have a +1 Original for your efforts!

Now, if a member of the board can use the loveheart shape in a way I've never seen a girl in my classes use before, you too could be the proud recipient of this mod.

Edit: was supposed to be for Bleb!
shiftace said @ 3:18am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:2]

Will this earn me a point?

Franger Sanger said @ 5:35am GMT on 28th Aug [Score:5 Funny]
A good try, but I've seen a heart as a cute animal's nose before, though typically it's a bunny rabbit. The inverted heart as a snout is familiar too. Also ears, eyes, paws, wings, tails, lactating nipples and poop. The obverse view is where the missed opportunity lies (also a novel use of the skinny star here):

robotroadkill said @ 12:28pm GMT on 28th Aug
Bleb said @ 2:31am GMT on 28th Aug
The anchor was originally a heart, but I backed out of it. And cheers.
Spyike said @ 8:06pm GMT on 29th Aug
Y'all put a lot more effort into these than I was expecting. I'm impressed!

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