Monday, 30 January 2017

Trump signs executive order requiring that for every one new regulation, two must be revoked

quote [ “If you have a regulation you want, No. 1, we’re not gonna approve it because it’s already been approved probably in 17 different forms,” Trump said. “But if we do, the only way you have a chance is we have to knock out two regulations for every new regulation. So if there’s a new regulation, they have to knock out two.” ]

This seems a very childish way to run things, designed to sound good to simpletons. I'm kind of surprised he didn't make this his immigration policy: For every brown person allowed in, two others have to leave.
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[by HP Lovekraftwerk@6:27pmGMT]


Jodan said @ 6:41pm GMT on 30th Jan
how is this a thing. Government is not a closet with too many clothes.
sanepride said[1] @ 6:49pm GMT on 30th Jan
For practical purposes this is like his immigration policy (at least as implemented in the current travel ban)- an arbitrary order based on misleading rhetoric that will have real, unintended consequences.
This whole concept of regulations = bad is just as broad and reckless as Muslims = terrorists.

Also, related:
Trump transition leader’s goal is two-thirds cut in EPA employees.
So yeah, that should take care of a bunch of pesky regulations right there.
(Even if they stay on the books, what good are regulations if no one is around to enforce them?)
Hugh E. said @ 6:56pm GMT on 30th Jan
If you strike three regulations, you're out, because a regulation in time saves nine. Once regulated twice shy. It's math, people. Simple math.
cb361 said @ 6:59pm GMT on 30th Jan
Hey! Don't look a gift regulation in the mouth.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 7:17pm GMT on 30th Jan
I don't think this is about simplifying bureaucracy, or even bending it towards campaign promises. Multiple Orders a day, each with significant impact on whole government organizations, many such organizations are lacking appointments to leadership, strikes me as flooding the government until it is paralyzed.
Marcel said @ 9:47pm GMT on 30th Jan
The phrase "denial-of-service attack" comes to mind.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 10:08pm GMT on 30th Jan
I thought same, but am trying to phrase my ideas differently so it maybe isn't as easy to tie my identities together.
the circus said @ 7:37pm GMT on 30th Jan
This is just about getting fawning adoration from the kind of people who'd never think to repeal regulation X and regulation Y and replace them with regulation X Y Z.
Wulf said @ 8:06pm GMT on 30th Jan
This sounds crazy. Regulations are rules, they're actions that we don't want to take place, right? We passed these regulations because we saw abuse or the potential for it or whatever.

But what would you say to this proposal if we replaced the word "regulations" with "crimes", and you say for every new crime you would like to establish you must decriminalize two criminal acts. I think that a lot of crimes are just that for good reason, but no one is eager to give robbers or murderers or physical abusers a break and lessen the consequences for their actions. Although Russia did re-legalize domestic violence so...
foobar said @ 8:50pm GMT on 30th Jan
Isn't an Executive Order, in the technical sense, just a regulation?
mechanical contrivance said @ 8:55pm GMT on 30th Jan
No, because we don't call it that.
mechavolt said @ 9:28pm GMT on 30th Jan
There's also a draft executive order that would require the Census to ask people about their citizenship and immigration status. If you don't want people filling their Census forms, this is a sure way to get it done.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 10:06pm GMT on 30th Jan
Which has the added benefit of allowing even greater gerrymandering. Win-win for the bad guys.
Fish said @ 2:41am GMT on 1st Feb
Wow. Exhilarating.

Anybody got a Kleenex?

Wait, wait. Hey Samepride, did you see this?

A GOP Regulatory Game Changer
Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009.

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